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FAQs and Questions

Q_1. What is Kydex®?  

A_1. Kydex® is a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials manufactured by Kydex® LLC. It has a wide variety of applications, including for firearm holsters and sheaths for knives.

Q_2. Will Kydex® wear on my weapons finish?

A_2. All holsters will eventually cause wear on your weapon, but this happens over time. Kydex® will wear the contact points while leather will cause a more all over wear due to the contact between the leather and the weapon. This can also be sped up by dirt and debris getting into the holster. The great thing about Kydex® holsters is they are much easier to clean than leather holsters. You simply use soap and water and you're done.

Q_3. What is a sweat guard?

A_3. A sweat guard is the section of the holster that keeps the side of the weapon from coming in contact with your skin. This helps keep sweat off of the weapon. This also aids in holstering your weapon and helps prevent "skin pinch" while holstering.

Q_4. What is adjustable retention?

A_4. Retention is the amount of pressure the holster places on your weapon to keep it securely seated in the holster. Adjustable retention gives you the ability to set the retention at a level that is comfortable to you. On a non-adjustable retention holster, the retention is set to a specific level and can not be adjusted.

Q_5. How long will my holster take to ship?

A_5. Our current lead time is listed on our home page. Currently we are at 2 to 3 week lead time. You will receive an email once your holster has been shipped.

Q_6. How do I clean my holster?

A_6. Unlike leather holsters that hold onto water, dirt and mud, your Kydex® holster can be cleaned easily. Simply use soap and water. Water will not damage Kydex® holsters like it will a leather holster. You can get your holster muddy, soak it in salt water, wear it in the rain and it won't hurt the holster at all.

Q_7. Will your IWB holster jab me with its sharp edges?

A_7. The edges of our holsters are rounded off and smoothed. We at 4 Corners Concealment use our holsters every day as do many of our customers. We have not experienced the holster edges jabbing into our skin, nor have we received any such complaints from anyone else.

Q_8. What is IWB?

A_8. IWB stands for "Inside the Waistband". This holster is worn inside of your waistband for better concealment.

Q_9. What is OWB?

A_9. OWB stands for "Outside the Waistband". This type of holster is worn on the outside of your waistband. Our OWB holsters can also be used as IWB holsters when used with our soft belt loops.

Q_10. Do I need a cant or not?

A_10. That really depends on what is comfortable to you. This could also depend on what position you carry your weapon. Usually from the 3 o'clock position (directly to your right) to the 6 o'clock position (center of your back), a cant is preferred. For left handers, it would be the 9 o'clock (directly to your left) to the 6 o'clock (center of your back). From the 3 o'clock to the 12 o'clock (directly in front of you) a straight draw or 0 cant is preferred. Again, this will be determined by what is comfortable to you.

Q_11. What do I need to do If I want to change or cancel my order?

A_11. All you need to do is contact us by phone.

Q_12. Do you have a warranty on your products?

A_12. Yes, we do. We offer a 14 day money back guaranty and a life time warranty. If it breaks we will fix or replace it. All you have to do is pay for the shipping to send it to us.

Q_13. Do you offer discounts?

A_13. Yes we do. We offer a military and first responder discount. This applies to active, reserve, and guard United Sates military, veterans of the United States Military, law enforcement, EMT/EMS and firefighters. To find out what you need to do to get the discount look at our discount tab at the top of the home page. We will also have special events throughout during which discounted prices are offered.

Q_14. What is cant?

A_14. Cant is the angle of the gun in relation to the body. We offer both "neutral" or "straight drop" cant as well as a 10 degree cant. Netural cant means that the gun is straight up and down in line with the body. 10 degree cant has a slight forward angle so that the muzzle of the gun is rotated to point slightly to the rear. Some prefer the 10 degree cant to aid in concealment as it tends to reduce the amount that the butt of the grip pokes out under a cover garnment.

Q_15. My weapon or light is not listed, can you still make a holster for it?

A_15. No

Q_16. Will my holster accommodate my threaded barrel, Extended slide stop, suppressor sights, etc?

A_16. Yes, our holster are constructed with a high sight channel that will accommodate larger sights. When ordering you are able to select if your weapon has a threaded barrel. If your have any other attachments you just need to add that to the notes section of your order or email us.

Q_17. Do you ship internationally?

A_17. No


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